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How to be a Youtuber?

YouTube is a big deal. It is the second largest search engine where a billion hours of videos are watched all over the world in a single day. But the average viewing session lasts only for a few minutes. YouTube has the fastest growing audience and it continues daily which is the reason that it should be a part of an organization’s marketing strategy. There are opportunities for growth on YouTube but businesses need to have the right audience to drive them into a fruitful return.

Let us understand how a company can start its YouTube channel:

  1. A perfect and attractive logo has to be uploaded into the YouTube channel – the identity or face of the YouTube Channel.
  2. A suitable channel name has to be created.
  3. A description of the company and its business has to be added while creating a YouTube channel so that the audience will get an idea about the area of operation of the organization.

After all the above steps are done, the YouTube Channel is finally created. But only creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos is not enough. Looking for the right audience is equally important.

Let us understand the ways to get more subscribers for your YouTube channel!

1. Fixing a theme and sticking to it: The theme for a YouTube channel depends upon the type of business an organization does. It can be for a product or services rendered by a specific organization. The theme of the videos can be informative (giving information about their products), reviews of specific product range, or it can consist of a tutorial (about the uses of products). Hence, an organization can fix a specific theme accordingly and continue uploading videos on the channel.

2. Focus on the quality of the content: Every organization or individual who desires to start their YouTube channel should focus on the quality of the content that is uploaded. Because if more quantity of videos are uploaded, the quality slips which might not be your target. If quality content video is uploaded regularly, people will like it, share it and refer to it as a resource of information. This in turn results in an increased number of subscribers for the YouTube channel.

3. Quality of video and audio: The quality of the video is a very crucial element. Fortunately, the quality of smartphone cameras has recently improved which can be used for shooting videos. The audience will not find videos interesting if they have poor quality audio or visuals. Hence, it is very important to focus on the quality of the video and audio as it is the watch time that matters to enable the YouTube channel for monetization.

4. Manage the light: Having proper lighting in the video is also crucial as unnecessary or excess lighting can hamper the quality of the video for the audience.

5. Proper framing of videos: Videos should be framed in such a way that it gives a message, a thought, an emotion or an idea at the end. YouTube has its own tutorial about how to make a video which can be of great help.

6. Create a YouTube channel trailer: YouTube provides a very useful feature where we can create a trailer for the YouTube channel. The trailer is similar to a movie trailer. It can be shown to the people who have not yet subscribed to your YouTube channel so that they can be aware of the offerings of an organization or an individual. The trailer should be so impactful that the audience will hook to the video in the first few seconds itself.

7. Collaborate with other YouTube channels: The best and free way to increase the reach and subscribers of the YouTube channel is to collaborate with the other channels which are complementary to the company or business but not the competing ones. Opening to someone else’s audience and entertaining them is a great way to get in front of the audience who may not be knowing about your YouTube channel. This can be done by joining YouTuber groups on Facebook and other social media handles.

8. Lengthy videos: Another very important point to be kept in mind while shooting videos for YouTube is that the length of the video matters. Longer videos rank higher on the YouTube search and keep the viewers engaged throughout.

9. Replying to comments: Taking out time to reply to the audience who comment on your YouTube videos leads to more engagement and loyal subscribers for the channel.

10. Promote the channel to the existing audience: The YouTube channel can be promoted by adding the YouTube content into the blog post or by embedding these video on the website. Sharing the video links of the YouTube channel on the social media handles of the company also helps to get more views and subscribers for the channel.

Steps to upload a video to the YouTube Channel:

1. For framing a proper video, many short videos are required to be shot. After editing the small videos; they need to be merged with the help of apps like Power Director, Filmingo, and many more. All the videos should be shot in a horizontal frame.

2. Once the video is ready, access YouTube studio on our laptop or desktop.

3. Select the option to upload videos.

4. Once the video is uploaded, enter an attractive short title for the video.

5. Once the title is entered, keyword hashtags related to the video content can also be added to increase reach.

6. The description box needs to have information about the video theme.

7. Then comes the YouTube thumbnail window. Thumbnail is an attractive poster for the video. Such poster, thumbnail, or banner can be made with the help of different apps like Canva, photoshop, etc. Thumbnail is visible to everyone when the video is uploaded to the channel. Many times, it is the thumbnail that attracts the audience and makes them click on the link to watch the video.

8. Music: YouTube has a list of music pieces that are copyright-free. We can use it as background music or it can also be trimmed according to the requirement of the video.

With this, you all must have understood that having a YouTube channel for an individual running a business or an organization selling products and services can be of great help!

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  1. Very useful information especially for those Who are willing to have a youtube channel but don’t know how to start.. Thank you

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